My First National Geographic blog posted!

A photo by Stephanie Sinclair of an illegal child marriage in Rajasthan. The bride in the yellow veil is five years old.

“Child brides are not unique to a single country, religion, or language.  Even though child marriage is illegal in most nations, it is a common tradition — older than laws protecting against it.”

If you have time today, I hope you take a look at my blog, A Conversation about Child Brides. Not only is it my first National Geographic News Watch blog, but it also is about an interesting event happening at National Geographic Headquarters in Washington, DC on Oct. 3.

Cynthia Gorney and Stephanie Sinclair, writer and photographer duo for NG magazine’s  “Too Young to Wed: The Secret World of Child Brides,” will speak at headquarters on Oct. 3 about events they witnessed while covering this piece.

The article and associated photo gallery are very moving — and at times jarring. If you are in DC, this event should be worthwhile! Tweet @natgeolive to join the conversation or to learn more!