Article Published Today in The Advocate

“A generation ago, tucking in a baby meant a lullaby and nestling the child in a soft sea of blankets and bumpers.
Today, that soothing nighttime ritual is viewed as dangerous.”

I was very excited to see my name in print this morning. Louisiana’s capital city newspaper, The Advocate, picked up one of my freelance pieces, “More Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.” It was published on the front page of the People section (above the fold)!

The article discusses the changes in childcare throughout the last generation and how boning up in a parenting class is important for grandparents.

According to the piece, these classes are more relevant to Louisiana’s grandparents:

“Louisiana, according to Louisiana’s Grandparents Raising Grandchildren website, has the nation’s third highest percentage of children living with grandparents. The national average of children living in households headed by grandparents is 7 percent; in Louisiana, it is 11 percent.”