Cupcake Girl

I have a new title … and a new column!  I’m now the Cupcake Girl at HelloGiggles.com — which means that every other week I will post a cocktail inspired cupcake recipe on the women’s humor website. I am also a contributor at HelloGiggles and will be posting editorials, listicles and funnies!


To see what I have already penned typed, check out my HG bio and author’s page.  My most recent post “21 Quotes from Funny Women That Will Make Your Day,” was shared by HelloGiggles founder Zooey Deschanel and was BuzzFeed’s Fr.esh, top trending story.


My Mojito Cupcake recipe was the first in the Cupcake Girl series, a new cupcake will debut next week!
Photo by Robert Giglio

Photo by Robert Giglio