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Crosscut, Mar. 30, 2022: Bill McKibben on climate activism as a lifetime fight

Crosscut, Mar. 23, 2022: Newspaper legend Carl Bernstein recounts bygone days in new memoir

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225 Magazine, July 2012: 7th Annual Best of 225 Awards — I assisted in the editorial process, organized data and authored several of the winning write ups.

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The Advocate (Louisiana’s Capital City Newspaper), Front Page People Section, Dec. 21, 2011: Yoga Class Strikes a Funny Pose

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WAFB TV online, October 2011: Food Drive

WAFB TV online, Oct. 15, 2011: Small Retail Shop Suffers from Change Around Them. This story was also published by The News Star, a Gannet company in Monroe, La. as Storyville Tries Pop-Up Shop.

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National Geographic News Watch, Oct. 11, 2011: Meet NG Young Explorers

WWL TV online, Oct. 10, 2011: Unique Program Pairs Rescue Kittens with Furniture Customers .  This story was also published in Baton Rouge as Kittens and More on WAFB TV online.

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Click here to view my third issue as editor of  of Legacy, the quarterly LSU magazine:  Legacy magazine February 2011

Click here to view my final issue as editor.  Legacy partnered with campus radio station KLSU to produce a special music issue.  The magazine directed readers to our website (www.lsulegacymag.com), where they could download music from our featured local artists: Legacy magazine April 2011.

I did a few guest posts for my sister’s blog, Engaged With A Cause, which strives to inform brides about how to incorporate charities into their big day. Here are a couple of posts I did for her blog … December 2010: Put on Your Dancing Shoes and February 2011: A Sweet Favor.

Country Roads magazine, Aug. 2010: Tin Lizzy’s Landin’

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